Living life on the edge would sum up Santorini.

The island is the rim of a dormant volcano, in fact it is the largest sea filled caldera in the world. It has become in recent years a bucket list destination for many, during the peak season it will be overcrowded, overpriced but still netherless sensational, go there off peak and you will find it to be much quieter and cheaper.. just like i did.

The eruption that blasted away the island over 3500 years ago and gave Santorini its present form was the biggest eruption in all of human history.

A location that has long been well known for hiking, the most famous being the Fira to Oia hike along the Caldera, showing off the islands rugged, volcanic landscape, there are many decent trails on this stunning island.

Take a shady stroll along some of the island’s best beaches while pausing at a seaside taverna or two or go on a rugged walk up the side of an isolated old volcano. No matter your mood or energy level, Santorini has a great hike for you.

Getting to the island is pretty easy with direct flights from many airports across the UK and Internationally.

Fira to Oia Hike - The Walk

This spectacular walk known locally simply as 'The Walk' takes you along the cusp of the caldera on a winding route linking Santorini’s main town, Fira with the main village of the north, Oia Views are sublime, with sweeping Aegean panoramas and views across the island’s rocky landscapes, sheer escarpments, silvery-green olive groves and scattered ruins.

The trail is easy in parts, but more challenging in certain stretches where it’s rocky and uneven underfoot. In all but the lowest of the low season, you’ll see plenty of others enjoying the walk. Islanders hit the trail in the cooler months and in spring they enthusiastically pick wildflowers.

Although the overall route to Oia loses a few hundred meters of elevation, there are a couple of steep climbs and many more mild descents. Families with children 10 and older will enjoy the hike, but the route is not suitable for younger children or strollers. Bring plenty of water as local stores in villages along the way shut for their afternoon break during the hottest hours.

Tips for hiking in Santorini

The most important things to remember for hiking in Santorini may seem very obvious, but normally sensible hikers forget their common sense as they get caught up in the island’s carefree holiday vibe.

  • It gets very hot in summer and away from the main towns it may be hard to find water. Bring plenty.

  • Large swaths of Santorini are like a desert isle and are blasted by the sun all day long; unless you plan to crawl under a rock, bring protective clothing, hats and sunscreen.

  • Trails are often unstable and rocky, plus routes up and down the caldera cliffs can be treacherous. Sturdy shoes are a must.

  • Routes and trails are poorly marked, if at all. Take your time, keep track of where you are (the treeless expanses make it easy to see your next waypoint), and watch for the correct route lest you end up on a less enjoyable detour.

Beaches in Santorini are also plentyful, You have Red Beach, White Beach, Ammoudi, Perissa, Vlychada (Pictured below) amongst many more, Interesting and nice, but nowhere near as nice as some of the other Greek island big hitters such as Mykonos, Milos or Naxos.

To get around i hired a quad which was €69 for a day from Santorini rentals, click here for their website, a great way to explore the island, hiking aside there is plenty to do on this special part of Earth.

Santorini is certainly a place you will want to visit at least once, the people, the food, scenery, all first class, its nowhere near as expensive off season as it is during peak making it an easy way to save some bucks, you also avoid the scorching hot weather.

We are running a 4 day tour to Santorini in October where we will do the Fira to Oia hike along with a few others, if you would like to book or have some more info click here

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