The Malvern Hills night Hike

Updated: Jan 29

A great night hike along the Malvern Hills to see in the fireworks last night, the squad are stood on the most recognisable of all the Malvern Hills. British Camp is thought to have been the location of a hillfort dating from maybe 3,500 years ago in the Bronze Age. At a height of 338m above sea level, it offers a magnificent view of land all around and especially the primary pass through the hills at that time, Wynds Point.

The Malvern Hills with British Camp easily spotted

The first hillfort was built on the British Camp summit. Then, at around 400 BC, there was a rapid expansion of population in Britain and the hillfort was extended to include the northern spur of British Camp and also Millennium Hill.

In the distance you can see the far end of the Malvern hills including the Worcestershire Beacon, (one of THE best places in all of the United Kingdom to get a sunrise)

The Malvern Hills, looked after by the charity Malvern Hills Trust, divide the beautiful English countryside of Herefordshire and Worcestershire, and are a great destination for hikers of all ages and abilities, whether you are interested in a gentle stroll along a tree-lined path or an energetic trek along the entire ridge of the Malvern Hills.

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