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Sentierto Degli Dei/The Path of the Gods
Amalfi Coast - Italy


The Sentiero degli Dei links the tiny hilltop town of Agerola with Nocelle, a fraction of Positano nestled on the slopes of Monte Pertuso.

The name of the footpath, The Path of the Gods, is an indication of the spectacular scenery en route. Ideally, we will walk from Agerola to Nocelle, and not vice-versa as is the more popular way, the route runs gently downhill from this direction, with magnificent views of the Amalfi Coast and the island of Capri, which we will be spending a day on.

This trail is considered today one of the most beautiful hiking trails of the world, and it stretches along several villages of the famous Amalfi Drive with its 10 KM.Along the path, it’s still possible to admire remains of ancient farmhouses and meet local shepherds carrying wood or milk with their mules to the underlying towns

It may sound bombastic, but the name Pathway of the Gods (or “Sentiero degli Dei”, in Italian) is quite fitting for the wonderful trekking trail joining the Amalfi Coast with the Sorrento Coast. We are certain the gods of Mount Olympus would have happily left their celestial footprints along this road.

Indeed, according to legend, the gods walked these ten kilometers of panoramic itinerary to help Ulysses when he was trying to resist the melodious, mortal beckoning of the Sirens, who lived in the nearby Li Galli archipelago.

However, we believe it is not legend, but the beauty of the views you can enjoy from this coastal trail that justifies its name.

The Pathway of the Gods starts in a hamlet of Agerola (Bomerano) and ends in Nocelle, near Positano: try feeling like a god for a few kilometers, but watch out for the more impervious stretches, where the road runs along

dizzying cliffs. Keep your feet on the ground, and protected by adequate shoes!